The many faces of Krishna

Krishna has been one of my closest friends for the past decade. As evidence that he was one hell of a guy, I submit to you: the many faces of Krishna. Krishna used to be a bit camera shy. This is one of the first real photos I captured of him. Austin, October 2005. Up […]

Cincinnati Chili

Krishna and I bonded over the fact that I was from Ohio and he had lived there for a small portion of his life. If you’re from Ohio, you know about the obsession with Cincinnati Chili. One time, while we were hanging out, knowing I was feeling anxious about having moved out of my home […]

Itemized Expenses, NBA League Pass, and Stocks

I was Krishna’s roommate when I first moved up to Seattle from Austin. When we lived together, we would talk about finances quite a bit. One day, I asked Krishna about his spending habits and that’s when he showed me his Excel workbook that has every single itemized transaction he has ever made. He could […]

The best for all

Galactic Lego spaceship battle Every few months, my inbox would light up with an impossibly-great subject line. They were recommendations for a new restaurant (Self-serve beer), a unique event in town (Flaming tetherball), or just interesting news that Krishna wanted to share (USA and Canada: Bizarre Borders). He’d find something new, learn all he could […]

Its all in the details

Krishna, we all know how meticulous you are. But your attention to detail catches me by surprise every time. This memory is actually a very recent one (~3 weeks). We were having dinner and I was telling Krishna how I really wanted to get a puppy. I told him how vb and I spent some time playing […]

An Email conversation with Krishna

A while back I had this email conversation with Krishna. From: Kanav To: Krishna Subject: should i sell my msft stock? hahahah From: Krishna To: Kanav Subject: should i sell my msft stock? Yes From: Kanav To: Krishna Subject: should i sell my msft stock? done. Thanks for the very straightforward answer From: Krishna To: Kanav Subject: […]

Momentary brightness

I never worked with Krishna, but I did have one pleasurable encounter with him, back in February this year. He was just looking around for a new challenge and reached out to me to chat about our organization.   He set this up, we had a great discussion, and he followed up a week later […]

Krishna, the Seattle tour guide

I remember how Krishna would always be up for exploring Seattle. We once had a conversation about how all I knew around Seattle were restaurants, and bars. That day, a few minutes after he went back home, he sent me his list of favorite things to do in Seattle. The last one we went to […]