Its all in the details

Krishna, we all know how meticulous you are. But your attention to detail catches me by surprise every time.

This memory is actually a very recent one (~3 weeks). We were having dinner and I was telling Krishna how I really wanted to get a puppy. I told him how vb and I spent some time playing with puppies over the weekend.

Krishna – “When did you play with the puppies?”

Me – “Oh, this past sunday”

Krishna – “Thats very recent – two days ago. Hmm”

Me – “Yeah”

Krishna – “I think I saw your facebook pictures. Looks like you are wearing the same top today.”

Me (a little embarrassed and amazed he remembers) – “Yeah, I repeated the top. I need to do laundry. I still have dog hair on the top”

Krishna – “I guess its fine. Are you still a dev? Devs don’t dress up”

Me – “Actually I switched to PMing a while ago, so I do have meetings”

At that point, Krishna just laughed and shook his head in the classic Krishna way!