Momentary brightness

I never worked with Krishna, but I did have one pleasurable encounter with him, back in February this year.

He was just looking around for a new challenge and reached out to me to chat about our organization.   He set this up, we had a great discussion, and he followed up a week later with a very nice, courteous email explaining how we had enjoyed learning about what we did and our team, but had decided to join a different team where he felt he had a better fit.  I still have that email.

I remember how bright, energetic and respectful he was that day, and even his email to me was put together in the kindest way, such that I really felt like we were missing out by not having him join our team.

I am saddened by the course of events recently, and while it may never make sense to us, I just wanted to say that I can see how his positive and friendly attitude and excitement has touched the lives of the people closest to him too.  He will be missed.