Krishna, my perfect advisor!

A few days ago, my friend and I were having a discussion about the definition of perfection. She was asking me if I knew someone I thought perfect. The first person who came to mind is Krishna. I have known him since 2006.

He first came home to give me college admission advice. After listening to everything he had to say, I did not have to look up any additional information to apply to UT Austin. What amazed me then, was how within twenty minutes, he had thought to tell me everything I would possibly need, even without me asking. When I got in, I remember writing a side note by UT:”Top reason to go: Krishna will be around!”.

What is interesting is that I happen to be very good friends and a neighbor to Krishna’s grandmother. She introduced us and to date, I thank her for that! I was once lamenting to her about how the EE program was taking a toll on me and how I was not getting sufficient advice about what classes to take. She asked me to call Krishna! I remember ranting away for a whole thirty minutes during which he just listened (yes, he is a truly extraordinary listener!) . He then started off with his trademark “Here is what I would do,…”. In the next half hour, he had given me sound advice about coursework and how it would really help if I relaxed a little bit more around classes. I have never felt more relieved and reassured after a phone conversation with anyone.

He had gone to my house to meet my mother and grandfather, May 2011. When I spoke to him later, I was complaining about how we always missed each other by a few days when we visited Bangalore. The response I got made me laugh:”Krithika, you don’t get it…I plan it that way!”

I always heard about Krishna from his mother and grandmother. I thought to myself about how lucky everyone around him is. When I went home every year, I told my mother about how I wished I was in the same town as Krishna at some point, so I can be in touch more regularly with him. For me, Krishna has always epitomized brilliance, kind-heartedness, and simplicity. This to me is an ethereal combination to characterize any individual.

I shed silent tears when I pray for Krishna’s return everyday. Something tells me however that he is going to come right back into all our lives and give us more happy memories, like only he can!