Itemized Expenses, NBA League Pass, and Stocks

I was Krishna’s roommate when I first moved up to Seattle from Austin. When we lived together, we would talk about finances quite a bit. One day, I asked Krishna about his spending habits and that’s when he showed me his Excel workbook that has every single itemized transaction he has ever made. He could tell people how much he spent on food for a vacation he took years ago. It was that detailed. The spreadsheet was also backed up a few times and auto-synced nightly in case something crashed or got corrupted. I’ve never seen a more meticulous and organized human being in my whole life.

We also spent a lot of time talking about basketball and we watched a fair bit of it. We subscribed to NBA League Pass that year and spent a few hours discussing the teams we wanted in our subscription since we didn’t want to pay for all the teams (it wasn’t fiscally responsible!). We had a bunch of reasons why certain teams should be included/excluded and in the end, we picked great teams to follow that season.

Stocks were another interest Krishna and I shared. We would spend a few nights a week just briefly talking about interesting companies and investments we made. Krishna was a stock trading professional by the time he moved to Seattle and he helped me think about valuations and the reasoning behind why you should/shouldn’t invest a company. I think Krishna was a great value investor as well since he picked up Ford stock at $2 and now it is trading at around $14. He saw the deep value in that company, took a position, and it paid off. Every time I see the Ford ticker or a news item about the company, I always think about Krishna and I’m reminded of his genius behind his investments.

Above all else, he was an awesome friend. Super nice, warm, and courteous. Someone you could always count on to talk or listen. And he always gave the best advice about everything…especially about organizing your expenses, picking NBA teams to follow during the season for your League Pass subscription, and finding which stocks to dump your hard earned money into.

Thanks for everything Krishna. You’ve definitely left an impression on me and I know countless others would echo that sentiment.