Thank you Krishna

Firstly I would like to thank all of you for sharing all your memories of your wonderful friend.

Have I ever met Krishna? No.

Do I know him? Yes. For the last 24 days, through your eyes and memories of him.

As a stranger 12458.97 km away why am I posting here? I wanted to thank you.

(And Krishna when you come back and read this – I really really wish you will… Call me crazy but having found people from my own family months later safely, I still firmly believe you will show up someday – thank you. Just when it’s so easy to lose faith in humanity… in people around you, you gave me reason to believe otherwise. I spent all these years thinking people like you don’t exist except in movies and sitcoms, but boy was I wrong).

The little things you all have written about him – the attention to details, attention to people around him, humility, enthusiasm and what I’d like to call the thirst to live.

You are all really lucky to have met such a person and I can’t even imagine becoming half the person I read about, though now I do have a role model.

Somebody I know can strive to be like. Whether it is maintaining  accounts, staying in touch with family, learning new things, being prepared always – I don’t think this list is going to end, it probably comes under perfection. Being that organised and prepared means putting in that much effort and time, which most of us would make excuses to avoid. Remembering little details about people around you – things they probably didn’t realize themselves, being kind, making people happy – it sounds so easy, if only we all remembered to actually do it everyday.

To his parents – thank you for raising such a wonderful person, he couldn’t been who he was without you.

To his friends – thank you for introducing me to your friend. It can’t be easy not knowing what happened, but taking the time to do this – to share all these little details about him, dig up old photos, emails, messages. Thank you. Hoping there will be many more to come.Also add me to the list of people whose lives he touched.

Thank you Krishna for being an exceptional person, for being an inspiration even though I have never even met you. I hope you come back home safely and read this some day, with the same lovely smile I have seen so much of (I hope). The world needs more people like you. 🙂