Walks with Krishna

My experiences with Krishna accentuate the characteristics that he is best known for: his attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and easy going nature. My sister introduced me to Krishna when I moved up to Seattle in the summer of 2011. I knew absolutely no one and nothing about the city, and Krishna took the time to really introduce me to Seattle. He didn’t have to, but that’s just who he is. For the past three years, we’ve explored so many different parks and neighborhoods. We went on epically long walks, and he always sprinkled our conversations with random facts about wherever we were (“Oh, did you hear about this building? It used to be an old school, but now they’re turning it into an apartment building.” “There’s supposed to be a really cool old bridge somewhere around here. Oh look, there it is!”). When I finally found the one thing that I had done in Seattle that Krishna hadn’t experienced yet (kayaking in South Lake Union), we promptly scheduled a time to go. He brought a plastic bag to put his phone and wallet in. I didn’t and, of course, ended up dunking my phone in the water on accident.  I’m so grateful I’m able to call him my friend.